Popping Good News

The Van Allen student council has met their first goal of the year… A New Popcorn IMG_0790 (1)Popper with the help of the Van Allen students and faculty.  This popcorn popper will
provide yummy treats for our students at different times throughout the year.

Thanks to all the students and families who have participated in our fund raising activities.
Ms. Jarrett

Valentine’s Day in Kindergarten

Well February 14th is always a fun day in kindergarten.  Students were given conversation candy hearts to learn how to graph. Here, Mara Hobbs matches her colored candy hearts and graphs to see what color she has the most of.  For another Valentine activity, students were asked to find  the heart with the correct sight word on it. They colored the heart as Mrs. Snyder called out the many sight words.  In the picture, Jac Lanferman finds the next sight word.  Next our class did a Valentines Count the room, where the students walk around the room and find 10 different cards that have pictures they have to count and record on their sheet. It was a fun Valentine’s Day in Kindergarten.

Parking Update

Today the back lot will be closed for traffic starting at 2:45. The east parking lot will be open after the preschool dismissal for parents of KG and Grade 1 picking up their child. If you have a child in these grade levels and the Office has not contacted you to use this parking area, please contact the Office, so we can add your child’s name to our list so he/she is brought to the TAG entry door.

Counselor’s Corner

I’m Not Scared, I’m Prepared! Because I Know All About ALICE written by Julia Cook

January 29, 2018

Dear Parents,

Unfortunately, we live in a time when other individuals can make a devastating impact upon our life and the lives of those we love.  During guidance class, students learned how to respond if a “Dangerous Someone” should ever enter our building without warning. Julia Cook has done a brilliant job of writing a book to explain to children what they should in the event that someone dangerous should enter our building without scaring them.  I would highly recommend that you watch the link below, which is the exact story that was read to your child so that you may also reinforce these same    Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.04.52 PMconcepts.

After the story and discussion, the counselor dressed as the wolf, from the story; “Little Red Riding Hood” as the students practiced the following three in class drills.

  1. Hide and Quiet
  2. Counter Door (If the Wolf/Intruder Comes in the Window)
  3. Counter Window (If the Wolf/Intruder Comes in the Door)

During drill number one, students are expected to hide quickly and quietly in under 30 seconds as the Wolf/Intruder (in this case Counselor) times the process.  If the wolf/intruder hears a sound, the class has to repeat the process until they can hide quietly and be out of the Wolf/Intruder’s vision in less than 30 seconds.  Our goal is to have kids respond so quickly that it becomes a natural reaction.  The second drill the Wolf/Intruder enters through the window, so the students throw whatever object is closest to them (during the drill the students throw balls at the Wolf/Intruder) and run out the door and to safety.  The third drill is the reverse of the second drill.  Students closest to the windows open them and escape while the other students counter by throwing whatever objects are close at the Wolf/Intruder (in this case the soft rubber balls) while escaping to the window. The teacher helps students through the windows. The goal is to teach students to react automatically without fear.

Please watch the attached videos as it will provide a clear example of what your child learned:



Sara LeBlanc

Elementary Counselor

Second Grade Science

 Van Allen Second graders have been learning about the life cycle of many insects and also Brassica plants.   The students have completed the life cycle of the Darkling Beetle and are observing the Milkweed Bug, Silkworm, and the Painted Lady Butterfly.  Soon they will complete the life cycle of the Brassica plant.   Once the plant dies, the students will open the seed pods and harvest the seeds so the cycle can begin once again.