Principal’s Note

Dear Van Allen Community:

 As you review our December school calendar listed below, you’ll see that our final nine school days will be a very active time. This week will continue with our MAP Growth assessments.  Students’ results will be shared with parents after we return to school in January.

This week, we have a special opportunity for all of our students, and you will receive a letter with more details, as the letter will be sent home your child today. Many of you may have heard of the movie “Wonder” and based on feedback from educators and members in our community, we are offering our students in Grades II to V the opportunity to see “Wonder, a “wonderful movie” with a powerful message, which transmits a strong message that reinforces our PRIDE message. For students in Kindergarten and Grade I, and alternative movie has been arranged.

Kindly note that all parents are invited to All School Sing-Along on Thursday, December 21 at 1:00 pm. After the Sing-Along, students will return to their classroom, and parents will be invited to pick up the students from their classroom rather than trying to create a match in the packed gym setting

And Thursday night at 7 PM at the high school, the All-Elementary Grade Five band will be performing as well as the Van Allen chorus. We are very proud of our talented students!

Last Friday, we celebrated six students as these students were nominated by member if  the school team for demonstrating PRIDE at a high level and being model Van Allen

IMG_0849 2

Above and Beyond PRIDE Recipients

citizens. We honor six students monthly with the Above and Beyond recognition. Students toured the Festival of Lights in a limousine courtesy of Mark Kimzey fromthe Kimzey Funeral Home.

Have a wonderful week,

 December Events:

 Dec. 13th – Mount Pleasant Library Visit 7:45am to 8:10am

Dec. 14th – Chorus & 5th Gr. Band Concert at the High School – 7 PM

Dec. 14th –  Final Day for Success Lab

Dec. 14th – Gr. 2-5 Movie – Wonder, 12:30-2:45

Dec. 14th – School Improvement Action Committee Meeting 3:30

Dec. 15th – Kdg – Gr. 1 Movie – Nuts 2, 1:15

Dec. 20th – Student Holiday Lunch

Dec. 20th – Dec. 13th – Mount Pleasant Library Visit 7:45am to 8:10am

Dec. 21st – All School Sing Along 1:00

Dec. 21st – Early Dismissal Students Depart at 1:30

Dec. 22nd – Jan. 3rd – No School

Jan. 4th – Classes Resume


                                       Lighted Designs from the Festival of Lights

A Wormy Tale

This week Mrs. Snyder’s kindergarten class got to learn about earthworms and redworms in their Science unit.  Why do we need to learn about worms?  We need to know how important worms are to our soil.  Worms fertilize our soil by turning old plants into soil. They burrow in the soil and make it richer for the plants and trees that need soil to live.

     The students got to observe and watch earthworms first and then redworms next. We compared and contrasted the two worms. Students were able to identify which was the earthworm and which was the red worm. They observed that the red worms are much smaller than the earthworms and that they are a different color.  Both worms had a head and a tail and segments. Students  learned that the segments are what helps the worms to move.

    The students got to hear a read a loud from our Science book Animals Two by Two and got to enjoy the book “Diary of a Worm.”  The students really enjoyed their unit on worms and have learned the important part worms play in keeping our soil rich and fertile.



Van Allen Second graders have been exploring the life cycle of a darkling beetle.  Currently, they have 200 mealworms that they are caring for.  The mealworms are in the larva stage and in a few weeks will become the adult darkling beetle.  The students have made a habitat for the mealworms which includes food (wheat bran), a water source (apple pieces), air, and space to move around.  Later, the students will care for milkweed bugs, silkworms, and the painted lady butterfly.


Authors in Residence!

Ms. Hagerman’s class is officially published authors and illustrators! The class worked hard to write a book on how turkeys escape from being eaten on Thanksgiving day. It was wonderful to see them use their imaginations and come up with some unique ways that a turkey can escape from the farm. When the book came in the mail published, their eyes lit up with excitement and amazement! It was great to show them what you can achieve with hard work!

Good Afternoon Parents and Friends:

This past Saturday we celebrated our annual Kid’s Christmas and once again it was a roaring success. Thank you to all the parents who contributed to the event’s success and for bringing your child to enjoy the morning shopping. A special thank you to PTA members Bree Clark, Emily Dorothy, and Angie Blint for making Kid’s Christmas happen!!

And just a heads-up, as tomorrow it may be rather chilly, which will be a surprise to our students, who may want to leave home without the proper attire.

This Friday, December 8th is a 1:30 dismissal, and also note that last leave school on Thursday, December 21, is also an early dismissal, and early departure is not marked  in red on the calendar, but listed in writing  under the heading the Early Release Dates.

Today we had the fortunate opportunity izzard to be visited by the two members of the Henry County Sheriff’s Department Aaron Apalara and Robert Izzard, as they interacted IMG_0828with students in the lunchroom and on the playground, and made every Van Allen student and exemplary sheriff for the day with a stick-on badge

A few notes about upcoming events to keep you abreas,t as the next few weeks will be move  quickly

  • Friday, December 8 is Van Allen’s Pack the Gym Night t as the boys will be play Keokuk, as the varsity starts at 7:30.
  • Thursday, December 14 is the Elementary Chorus and Band performance at the High School starting at 7:00 pm.
  • Wednesday, December 20 is the Van Allen’s Holiday Feast and students asked to wear special attire to celebrate, as we will have the Middle School Band and Van Allen Chorus will perform.
  • Thursday, December 21 is the All School Sing-along starting at 1:00 then students will be dismissed starting at 1:30
  • Van Allen Student Council canned good drive and pop can and bottle drive until Monday December 18th.



SELF REGULATION is the building block for healthy self-confidence!

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 12.44.17 PM

Counselor’s Corner

Guidance Classes read and discussed the book; Blueloon written by Julia Cook.  This book does an excellent job of explaining how one feels when he/she is in the blue zone.  We looked at how our body reacts when we are in the BLUE ZONE as well as our triggers.  Students then came up with their own strategies for moving out of the BLUE ZONE into the GREEN ZONE.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 12.44.27 PM.png

Here are some excellent sites to help you develop self-regulation with your own child.

If you would like to purchase the Zones of Regulation for your computer, I pad, or phone, the game may be purchased for $10.00 at this site.  This online game has been awarded the Prestigious Mom’s Choice Award.

Sara Le Blanc

Elementary School Counselor