A few Thoughts About Thanksgiving at Van Allen

Tuesday at 3:10, we will close our doors for a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving. At this time, it’s an opportune moment to reflect and appreciate all the unique events, people and actions, which have taken place during the first part of the year. This week, we enjoy an opportunity to celebrate and give thanks, as we have all worked very diligently to arrive at the point we find ourselves. Here are a few points of Thanksgiving from my perspective as principal at Van Allen.

Enjoy the holiday, and celebrate all that is good in our school community. See you on Monday, December 1, as this will be a late start Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving,       DSCF1634

Don LeBlanc

I am thankful for….

T: The technology that our students use every day to improve learning such as Achieve 300, Raz Kids, IXL math to name a few, which provide support for our students’ learning.

H: The help that we receive from our PTA, Paired Readers, and other volunteers, all who enhance the quality of our school.

A: For the Art program, but also for Music and PE programs, as we have three wonderfully dedicated specialist teachers whose work significantly impacts Van Allen.

N: The high level of family participation at our Thankful for Learning Night held last week, and for the dedicated efforts from our school team to make this night possible.DSCF1618

K: for Kid’s Christmas. A wonderful opportunity offered by our PTA so students can complete their Christmas shopping with very reasonably priced gifts that are gift wrapped. This is scheduled for the morning of Saturday, December 6th at Van Allen.

S: For the new students, whether in junior kindergarten to fifth grade these students are now part of our school culture, as it’s always wonderful to add new programs and students to Van Allen.

G: Going to the library has never been easier as Mrs. Nau opens the library for students to use before school, or at recess times so students can always check out a book.

I: For the initiatives that the school has implemented to improve student learning ranging from the implementation of Students personalized learning conferences, 90 minute literacy blocks, daily student learning support time, more teacher support in the classes, family night, paired reading, and take home books for students in KG to Grade II. There are significant initiate to foster student learning.

V: For the vegetables and fruit we receive daily. Van Allen is part of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program, so our students are offered the opportunity to snack daily on healthy treats.

I: As the cold temperatures arrive, some recesses are held inside, and a special thank you to Mr. Roy for offering to students the opportunity to play games in the gym during our indoor recess.


N: For our seven new faculty members who have graced our school team and added so much already to our school. Also thank you to our returning teachers for all the work they’ve accomplished over many years to make Van Allen what it is today.

G: For all the great work that our students, teachers, staff, office team and parents have undertaken, which allows us to rest and enjoy the well-earned holiday. We are at a good place today, because many individuals have been working diligently in their efforts, so Happy Thanksgiving and

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