Thanksgiving Literacy and Learning in Kindergarten


Last week, kindergarten students in Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Snyder’s classes joined together for some Thanksgiving literacy activities. Activities included sentence building, rhyming, counting syllables in words, writing, sight words, and beginning sounds. With the help of our classroom associates, Mrs. Beatty and Mrs. Engberg, we weSAMSUNGre able to cover a variety of skills with a fun Thanksgiving theme.

Students also joined together to learn about Pilgrims and Native Americans. This was a great opportunity for us to read some nonfiction text and compare our Thanksgiving (and life in generalSAMSUNG) to that of the very first Thanksgiving. To be in character during this learning, students made Pilgrim and Native American hats.

Staff and students enjoyed the opportunity to work together. Students thought it was fun to get to go to the other kindergarten classroom for activities as well as work in a group with some of their friends from the other kindergarten class. Student behavior and level of participation was great! Because of this, we hope to be able to do activities like this again sometime this year!

Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Snyder

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