Post-Thanksgiving Excitement!

It has been an eventful week here at Van Allen after a restful Thanksgiving holiday!

MTSS for Grades 3-5 is now in full swing as we finish up our first full week. The students are being engaged in a variety of activities to sharpen their reading, writing, and group discussion abilities. Many staff have attended Literature Circle and LETRS Training this past week to hone their own skills in assisting students to excel.

As you walk the halls of Van Allen, you will find everyone getting into the holiday spirit. Many of the classrooms are decorated with trees, lights, and stockings. Be sure to stop by and enjoy the festivity!

Holiday cheer at Van Allen!

Holiday cheer at Van Allen!

In guidance this week, grades JK-2 have been learning about the importance of self-esteem. We have discussed that everyone makes mistakes, and the positive ways to correct mistakes without losing our pride in our fundamental goodness! The students did an activity where they listed positive qualities about themselves.

Grades 3-5 spent time thinking about goal-setting and what they would want to happen in their lives if they “had a magic wand.” Many of them wished for money and resources to donate to the homeless, to provide medical care to those who don’t have access, and to make positive changes to our world.

We will wind down this week with our Kids Christmas event tomorrow (Saturday, December 6th) from 8am-12pm in the Van Allen Gym. Staff volunteers, or Santa’s Helpers, will assist the students in shopping for Christmas presents for themselves and their families. All are welcome and encouraged to join us!

Have a wonderful weekend — only two weeks until winter break!

Shameem Balakrishnan
School Counselor

One comment

  1. Wish the event was going on longer. I don’t get off work tell 2 pm and Harley won’t be able to go. I’m the only one who drives.


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