A Few Notes from the Music Teacher-Mrs. Townsend

We have been busy in the music room with singing and movement. Kindergarteners have been learning the difference between the types of voices that we have, learning to match pitches, sing in their high voices, soft and loud sounds, as well as slow and fast music. We have also experiences some circle games and keeping the beat.

First graders have continued to work on their singing voices, are learning the difference between beat and rhythm, have started to read rhythmic notation, and are able to perform simple rhythms using body percussion.

Second graders are reading music on the staff and are learning different music symbols. They Picture Blog Dec. 9-2are also learning the various different tempos-or speeds-of music.

Third graders have studied all of the instruments in an orchestra. They all did a great job identifying the instruments by sight and sound. They have also studied their first composer, J.S. Bach, and the Baroque Music Period.

In fourth grade we studied the expansion of our country with the railroad system and learned many ballads and folk songs of this time in our country’s history. Legends such as John Henry and Casey Jones were also discussed. The students have also been learning the musical terms that go along with the symbols that we have learned in previous years. They have been doing some games and writing rhythmic compositions in groups. Franz Liszt, a composer from the Romantic Era, was also studied by the students.

Fifth graders had a big unit on Native American Music where they DSCF1699listened to and described music from various tribes. They created their own sound stories from a Lakota legend and performed them for the class. They have studied Scott Joplin, the king of ragtime, and George Gershwin, a composer of popular music from the 1920’s who wrote for Broadway and Hollywood.

Currently, all students are learning songs for the all-school sing along on Friday, December 19 at 2:00.

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