An Update from the Counselor

Another great week has come to an end!

In preparation for the upcoming holiday break, students in every grade will be making class trips to the library to choose a set of books for themselves to read during their time away from school. Please encourage your children to keep up their reading even though school will not be in session! This is also a wonderful opportunity for some family bonding if you sit down to read together. It is especially exciting for the younger students, whose skills greatly improve when they are able to read with you.

Grade JK-1 Guidance

This week in guidance, grades JK-1 are learning about healthy ways to respond to our anger. Our story this week was called “How Do Dinosaurs say ‘I’m Mad’?”, which the students really enjoyed. In addition to drawing pictures of what we look like when we are angry, we also worked on some great calm down strategies, including closing our eyes, squeezing our fists tightly,  taking a deep breath in, and then relaxing completely as we breathe out. We also practice counting backwards from ten, and talked about walking away from a difficult situation, or taking a time out and de-stressing through an enjoyable activity (such as coloring or drawing). These are techniques that you can demonstrate and remind your children of at home, as well, to help reinforce healthy coping mechanisms when they feel angry.

Grade 2 Guidance

Grade 2 focused on the meaning of the “E” in “PRIDE” — Empathy! This is a harder concept for younger children to fully understand, so we discussed the importance of thinking about how other people feel in different situations. Our story for the week was called “How Do I Stand in Your Shoes?”. The students did an activity where they drew a scenario of time they showed empathy, and then wrote an explanation of their drawing.

Grades 3-5 have worked on improving listening skills. We did a tricky activity which involved paying very careful attention and really making sure to read directions in order to get it right. Be sure to ask your kids about it — some of them may even test it out on you!

Last but not least, today is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, and many of the staff came dressed accordingly 🙂


Guess the teacher 🙂 a piece of candy from me for correct guesses!


The finest in Ugly Christmas Sweaters








The countdown continues — one week until winter break! Have a great weekend!

Shameem Balakrishnan
School Counselor

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