A Note from the K-1 Interventionist

When a parent hears the words special education they often get it misunderstood, thinking their child is different or will never be like their peers. As a special education teacher, I get to spend time with some pretty special students in my day-to-day schedule. What I have found most exciting about my students is they are all very curious and crave knowledge. Some of them just don’t quite know how to learn the same as the rest of their peers. That is where I come in.

My job is to find out the specifics of my students’ learning. Personally, I am a very hands-on visual learner. I want to touch, see, and hear, as well as physically manipulate tools. In my classroom, we watch short videos about numbers and letters on my Promethean that we can dance and sing to. We play games that work on specific skills like rhyming, letter and number recognition, and sight words. We have sticker charts to increase motivation and help us stay on task.

I have a wonderful group of unique students, and look forward to the growth they will make by the end of the year.

Suzan Stott

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