An End to a Great Semester

This week was a joyful last week of school for the year. The students did fun holiday-themed activities in class, including making reindeer and other great crafts. Our hallways are adorned with their work! Every class also had its own holiday party to celebrate the end of the semester together.

This week in guidance, grades JK-2 made their own paper presents and thought of four ways to be giving this holiday season. We talked about the importance of Christmas and other celebrations not just being about receiving ourselves, but what we can share and give to those around us: our friends, our families, and those less fortunate.FotorCreated2

Grades 3-5 spent time thinking about New Years Resolutions. We talked about what we do well that we can continue to do, what we can seek to improve, what we should try to stop doing, and new things we can aspire to do in the new year!

Today was a day filled with fun! Many classes had their holiday parties, we had a wonderful Christmas luncheon, and we concluded the day with a sing-along, that many of our parents and families attended. It was so good to see such a supportive audience, and the students had a great time singing several Christmas carols. Mrs. Townsend did a fantastic job working with them in music class over the past month, and it certainly showed today. The students sounded fabulous!


On behalf of all the staff at Van Allen, I would like to thank you for giving us the blessing of being able to work with your children. If you are traveling this holiday, please do so safely. Have a relaxing and enjoyable time with your loved ones, and we look forward to seeing you in 2015.

Shameem Balakrishnan
School Counselor

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