“A Nudd er” Classroom


In Miss Nudd’s Social Studies classes we have completed our unit on Explorers of North America. The following explorers were researched: Ferdinand Magellan, John Cabot, Jacques Cartier, Henry Hudson, Sir Francis Drake, Samuel de Champlain, Sieur La Salle, Christopher Columbus, and the Vikings.

Students worked in teams of two or three, finding information about their explorer’s personal lives, who asked them to explore, what country they represented, and other interesting facts. As an end of the unit project students groups created power point presentations to share their learning with their classmates.

Reading non-fiction, doing research, and using technology are all parts of the Common Core Standards; which these students enjoyed doing. Overall, we had some wonderful presentations and they are looking forward to their next project, which might be creating a prezi (another type of technology presentation) as a way of sharing their knowledge on a given topic.   Great job fifth graders!

~Miss Nudd

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