What Time do Students Come to School For a Delayed Opening?

Dear Van Allen Parents and Guardians:     DSCF1754

Hopefully this week, the weather will cooperate, so we are able to develop a regular and routine school schedule. I would like to clarify the 90-minute delay, which indicates that school day will start at 9:45 AM, and two-hour late start indicates that the school bell rings at 10:15.

What time does the bus pick-up your child? If it is a 90-minute delay, then re- calculate your child’s regular pick-up time by adding 90 minutes to the regular time. For example, if your child is picked up at 7:30, and it is a 90-minute delay, simply add 90 minutes to the 7:30 pick up time, and thus your child will be picked-up at 9:00, or 90 minutes after their normal pick-up.

And if it is a two-hour delay the bus pick-up time will be two hours later than the normal time. For example, if your child is normally picked up at 7:30, your child’s buses will pick-up your child at 9:30.

No matter what time school day starts, we will offer our students and opportunity for a morning breakfast following our regular guidelines. In other words, a Van Allen student always has the opportunity to eat breakfast.

 A little while back, students in Grades 3 – 5, we started  a special instructional support time was arranged to provide  supplemental support in reading for students in Grades Three – Five. Last week, we started offering supplemental reading support for students in grades one two, and soon, this support will include kindergarten students. The special time is known as MTTS, a multi-tiered system of supports for providing high-quality instruction and intervention to students. To make this work, all Van Allen faculty and  staff are utilized, so we can create small instructional groups, allowing students receive additional reading support in identified areas.

 January February is a “heavy” time for student assessments. Presently students are engaged the Measures of AcadeDSCF1742mic Progress completing the second assessment round, which will finish by late January, and the final installment of the three-piece assessment will be conducted in April. MAPS are administered three times annually, and provide a snapshot of your child’s yearly growth. Then in February, students will complete Iowa Assessments.

A new assessment wrinkle this year, starting next week, all students from Kindergarten to Grade Five will be assessed using the Statewide mandated FAST assessment, a basic reading skills survey for our younger students and reading fluency assessment tool for students in Grades two to five. This assessment helps guide our decision where to best offer support to our students in the area of reading. Here are the expected midterm grade level fluency rates and at the midpoint of the year to met the set standard.DSCF1726

Grade 2: 87 words per minute

Grade 3: 115 words per minute

Grade 4: 135 words per minute

Grade 5: 149 words per minute

As you can see, it is a busy time of year at Van Allen!


Don LeBlanc

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