Kindergarten Science with Mrs. Nicely

Van Allen Kindergarten Students are lucky to have Mrs. Cari Nicely, Henry County Naturalist, to come in twice a month to present 100_2919-2science topics. Lessons so far have included topics like: Apples, Monarchs, Animals such as snakes and turtles, Colors, and Stars. Mrs. Nicely always includes a variety of literature, songs and visuals for her many presentations. Many times she will bring in live animals from the Henry County Nature Center to share with the students.

In this lesson, Mrs. Nicely read the students the book “The Silly Snowy Day” and then brought a live turtle from the Nature Center. After reading the story, she talked to the students about turtles and about hibernation. Mrs. Nicely also shared about survival skills in the winter for animals. The students always enjoy their science time with Mrs. Nicely.      100_2923

Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Arnold

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