Van Allen Learning Puzzle

Dear Van Allen Parents and Guardians:            DSCF1745

 A few weeks back, in one of my weekly messages, I  requested that parents save Friday, January 16 for our Reading Super Bowl, but after we returned to school in January 2015, our first school week was truncated by the winter weather, thus a decision was taken to hold-off our Reading Super Bowl. However, this event is rescheduled for Friday, January 30 starting at 2:00 in the VA gym; a parent letter was sent home today with your child explaining what happens at our Reading Super Bowl.

 This week, several pieces of our Van Allen learning puzzle are coming together, as we develop a systematic plan to support students for our second semester. Here is a quick summary how we are striving to support our learners.

Paired Reading: Adult volunteers and IWC students read with a limited number of Grade 2-5 students daily. The working concept is to have a small group of students, (4-6 from each class) read 3-4 four times per week with an adult for about 10 minutes daily, which will to enhance a student’s reading fluency. DSCF1726

Brainstorm Reading: Brainstorm reading restarted this week. Our Para-educator team offers students, during our Monday late starts, reading support by working individually or in small student groups for 30 minutes focusing on a student’s fluency and comprehension skills using Scholastic resource called Brainstorm Reading

Early Morning Reading: Our Grade 4-5 students DSCF1740are ready to go, and on Tuesday morning, we will make a reading connection between identified younger students, who will read to our Grade 4-5 students serving as reading helpers. the photos of the students included in this blog are some of our student readers, who will be reading with our younger students.

In School Success Lab: This week we will start success lab for students in Grades 1-5 during recess time. Students will have the opportunity to work with a Para-educator to complete their learning or seek additional assistance.

Afterschool Success lab: This activity restarts this week. A parental letter was sent home today for students Grade 3-5. If your child is interested in participating in this program, please return the registration form. Kindly note that the Success Lab is a time for students to compete their homework, independently, but also seek assistance with their work if needed. Limited to 15-20 students per day.

MTSS Time: Every afternoon starting at 2:30 to 3:00, student Grades 1 to 5 are teamed into learning groups focus on different skills and learning activities. In a few weeks, we will add kindergarten to this instructional activity.   DSCF1761

Best wishes for a week filled with many learning successes,

Don LeBlanc


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