Third Grade Community

The third grade classes have completed the social studies unit on communities. Our unit began  2015-01-209506.16.42by reading the story, Roxenboxen by Alice McLerran. Students really enjoyed reading this story where children build a make-believe community. In Roxaboxen, children make up their own rules, and build a place where wonderful things can happen. Our classes focused on how communities need to work together to solve problems. We discussed the different kinds of communities that we are a part of such as the classroom community, the Van Allen Community, and the Mt. Pleasant Community.

Students talked about all the different people who make up a community and make it a safe and enjoyable place to live. Third graders wrote about their favorite places in the Mount Pleasant Community and it was wonderful to see that many students felt that the library was on their favorite list.    2015-01-209511.51.22

Our third graders were very fortunate to have an opportunity to hear from several guest speakers who told about their jobs in a community. We had fireman- Michael Borders, Veterinarian – Travis Van De Berg, Military Reservist- Tyler Hill, and Police Chief- Ron Archer. All the speakers emphasized the academic skills that they use in their jobs daily. This was a great connection to Personal Learning Plans where students wrote about career paths they wanted to pursue.  2015012095061356

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