It’s all about Theme!

The last couple of weeks we have been discussing what theme is and using clues in the story to figure066 it out. We have found that theme is the lesson or moral that the author wants us to learn, but it is hidden in the actions of the characters. My 4th graders worked hard last week with reading fables and figuring out what the lesson was. At the end of the week, they
wrote their own fables to teach the reader a lesson. They had fun coming up with their own, and liked being able to teach. This week, my 3rd graders are working on theme in reading. To introduce the concept, they got cupcakes. We talked about how the cupcake represents the whole story (characters, setting, plot,etc.). Then they split their cupcakes in half and found a surprise of cream filling. We discussed how the theme is a surprise hidden in the story, just like the cream was a surprise hidden in their cupcakes. It was a fun hands-on way to introduce theme, plus they got to eat the cupcakes!    Mrs. Clark


Mrs. Clark

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