Learning Living Skills in the Level III Classroom

It was a great week in our Classroom!  Pete the Pony made his first visit and taught the studentspete about practicing good dental hygiene.   He showed us his very healthy (and very big) teeth and talked about the importance taking care of our own teeth by brushing every day, flossing, and getting regular checkups.  We are so excited that he will be staying in our classroom all semester – to help us remember to practice good dental hygiene every day.

This entire semester, we are studying about maintaining dental health and will be practicing brushing our teeth every day.  We have a special Dental Hygiene Station which helps us stay on track.  The students have decided that Pete is RIGHT – brushing your teeth IS fun! emma and elizabeth

Thank you to Sheila Temple, the I-Smiles Coordinator from Washington County Health, for coming Van Allen, bringing hygiene kits for all of the students, and, for leaving Pete behind to keep up company.  When we think about our new toothbrushes and having Pete around to help us out – we’re all smiles! We appreciate for your generous donations to our classroom.

For more information about the MTPCSD Elementary Level III Classroom, check out our classroom website.

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