After a Snow Day

Dear Van Allen Parents:
DSCF1806 Thank you for attending Friday’s Reading Super Bowl, as your strong level of attendance was appreciated especially by our students. Though the Reading Super Bowl was arranged slightly different than in past years, our intent is to develop engaged reading habits for our students, as our focus is to develop students who read even when school is not in session.

We recently completed the State of Iowa’s mandated

FAST reading assessment, and the benchmarks for students to be reading fluently are the following:

KG: Early Reading Composite Score of 47


Grade 1: Early Grade 1 Composite: 37

Grade 2: 83 words per minute

Grade 3: 115 words per minute

Grade 4: 141 words per minute

Grade 5: 141 words per minute

Students who did not meet the benchmark will receive a parental note explain our next steps.

For students to reach their fluency goal, having parental support at home is a wonderful gift, and as we request your assistance, I know this is easier stated than accomplished, because young families are very busy. We are asking that our students read nightly to you, for at least 10 minutes a night- no matter what grade your child is as an elementary student. Research tells us those students who read fluently demonstrate stronger comprehension skills, but more important, we want your child prepared for success, whether attending the middle school, high school or college, and reading fluency is one vital tool needed for their future success.

Next week, (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) is a very important week for Grade 2-5 students in Grade 2, as they will be engaged with the Iowa Assessment, which is required part by the Federal Law, No Child Left Behind. As you may well be aware, our school status is assigned as results of our scores on this assessment. For our students to do their best on this assessment, students should come to school well-rested, and in a timely manner.

This year, Friday the 13th is a good omen, as this is Van Allen’s Packed the Gym, and we encourage all of our students to enjoy basketball game, and possibly win a prize, as special gifts re raffled at halftime. In addition, our school choir will sing the Star-Spangled Banner at the start of the game. Last week, I had the enjoyable opportunity to listen to our all-elementary District l choir sing the National Anthem at the Iowa Wesleyan basketball game, and I believe. this was the best rendition I ever heard coming from an elementary chorus.

 Best wishes for a great week,

 Don LeBlanc


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