What’s Up in JK?

DSC03323  We have a great group in Jr. Kindergarten. The class consists of 20 students with one teacher and one para. The children are energetic group ready to learn. Every week we work on a new letter, number, shape, and sight word. We integrate different units throughout the year. The children are doing jolly phonics and picking up letter sounds and actions to prepare them for kindergarten. We work on learning numbers, counting, decomposing numbers, and one to one correspondence.


The class has just finished the dinosaur unit. The children practiced writing ,when they wrote down different things about the dinosaurs. We made a volcano and watched it explode and then discussed why when you mix vinegar and baking soda it has a reaction. At the suggestions of the students we went online to research that chemical reaction. The children also had a change to peel vegetables for the dinosaur soup we made which was delicious. To incorporate more writing skills the children used the sight words we find everyday, and wrote about how they would make their own dinosaur soup.  DSC03328

I love teaching these children and have enjoyed seeing how much they have learned. The children in the class are like little sponges ready to learn new things and get so excited when when we start something new. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year with them.


Ms. Knapp

Mrs. Chase

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