MTSS…Kindergarten Style!


 Kindergarten kicked off their MTSS groups this afternoon. During MTSS, students are divided into four groups with a mix of students from both classrooms and 1-2 adult leaders. Each group is focusing on specific skills that will benefit the children in the group to help them with their reading fluency and writing. Skills being worke2015-02-11_14.41.07d on are letter sound fluency, segmenting/blending, making words, sight words, reading, and writing. The groups are flexible and students can move groups depending on their need.


Day one was fun for everyone as it gave us a chance to work with different individuals (students and staff) and some students even worked in a different classroom. MTSS time would not be possible in kindergarten without the dedication and support of our wonderful staff – Mrs. Beatty, Mrs. Engberg, and Mrs. Frank. We can guarantee you that each one of us is committed to helping your child be successful! Please take time to read and write with your child and encourage the skills they have. We look forward to continuing our journey with MTSS and seeing the growth in all students!

Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Snyder


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