Fifth Grade Art Students Learn Color Harmonies & Art Students Exhibit Work in Des Moines

The fifth grade art students at Van Allen and Salem have just completed large tempera paintings that helped them to learn color groups.


Each painting started with a design derived from an Art Deco style stained glass window, from the 1920’s. The design was repeated 4 times on the large paper and then each quadrant was painted in a different way: one was in the primary colors; another was in the secondary colors; a third was painted in complementary colors, and the fourth quadrant was painted in a monochromatic color scheme.

     Students had to spend a lot of time mixing the tempera paints to get the correct colors for a space. The final step in the project was painting the thin, black leading lines between the color shapes.

    Art Students Exhibit Work in Des Moines

     Three art students from Van Allen and Salem schools have their artwork in the State Historical Building of Iowa on exhibit for the state Youth Art Month Celebration. These students are Boden Lehman, Lily Syfert, and Ethan Brush. Ethan’s artwork receives the special honor of being exhibited in the governor’s office in March. He will have the chance to meet Governor Branstad on March 9th. Congratulations to all of these students!

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