5th Grade Band

Of the 70 member 5th Grade Band, fifteen come from Van Allen.  Band members meet once a week after school at the middle school for rehearsal with all the other 5th grade band students in our district.  In 5th grade band we learn the basics of how to read music, how to play our instrument, how to play as a group, and how all of these things relate to things in our daily life.

Each rehearsal we focus on different musical ideas such as how to play our part independently from other instruments or how to use louds and softs to add more interest to our music. Last week, we talked about how our band is like a cake and, just like in baking and cooking, having the wrong proportions can make for a not so yummy result.   At the end of some rehearsals, students get to come up and direct the band to experience what conducting a band is like!   

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