A Few Notes to Start the Week

A  photo from last Friday’s , Old Creamery’s production.DSCF1848

 He learned how rewarding it could be to make someone else’s life better. And now he knows there is really no greater feeling.

 From Lending A Helping Hand Old Creamery Theatre

Dear Parents:

A quick thank you very much for the wonderful rate of participation with our fundraiser for Lymphoma and Leukemia. Our level of support for this cause was was truly special. Thank you!

A new school-wide prize has been initiated, as students receive a PRIDE/Paw ticket for exhibiting a PRIDE behavior during lunchtime, students can save or deposit their ticket in the collection. Each month, the student selected will meet with our Food service manager, Tessa Addock, and this student will be able select the meal and day for their special meal. For the month of April, a Grade 5 student from Mrs. Jarrett’s class, Melanye Olivas, was selected as the first receipt to pick her own meal.

This Saturday, we are offering a field trip to a Science-Technology-Engineering-Math Festival (STEM) at Indian Hills Community College. Students earning PRIDE tickets can enter their names into the drawing. Fifteen students will be selected for the experience, as students ‘names will be drawn Wednesday afternoon.

 DSCF1852Last, we would like to tip our hat to our wonderful Para-educator librarian, Mrs. Nau, as she transformed the library into an underwater book Atlantis for next week’s book fair, and to acknowledge her tremendous efforts in supporting student reading. Did you know that Van Allen students checked-out more 13000 books during the year, and this checkout amount exceeds all schools by over 2000 books! We are privileged to have such a dedicated, student-friendly and hardworking individual in our library.

 Last, kindly note that the school ground is a smoke-free environment, and if you are parked on the school grounds, smoking in your vehicle would be considered not following prescribed District guidelines about providing a smoke free zone for our students.

Don LeBlanc

                                      Enjoying the weather at recess time with a game of football.DSCF1849

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