Here’s the “story” in Second Grade

In Second Grade, we continue to teach and reinforce good writing habits whether it be the mechanics, ideas for writing or the organization of it all.  We review and expand on previously taught skills and add new and creative ways to express our thoughts.

The different kinds practiced in Second Grade are narrative writing, friendly letters, expository writing, persuasive and procedural.  We try to combine these types with different projects to interest the children and allow them to show their creative style.

Recently we were working on sequencing of events in a story.  We combined that skill with comprehension of what is read and word choice when retelling a story.  Then we reviewed and discussed how there is a beginning, middle and end to every story and how we can use the words first, next, then, and last to retell a story.  The pictures of students work, show a project the children worked on to express the main ideas of the story, in the correct order, as they retold their story from their text in reading that week.  This activity helps us combine our writing and reading skills because these subjects go hand in hand. The other photos included, show how we try to include different author styles and this activity let the children practice writing about nature and illustrating with tissue paper.  The children enjoy practicing the different kinds of writing and illustrating their stories.

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