An Update From the Counselor

Happy Friday!

This week in guidance, we read The Rainbow Fish in grades JK-2. This was a good story to teach us the importance of sharing, and how to be the kind of friend that others will want to spend time with. The students were especially insightful in their contribution to our discussions about how to treat others, and how to better ourselves as people.

Our activity involved coloring our own rainbow fish, and listing ways that we can be good friends. They did a great job!


In grades 3-5, we are continuing our discussion of bullying — exploring why it happens, alternatives to those negative choices, and trying to brainstorm ways we can help to make it stop in school.

We watched a video from the Kids React series (definitely a wonderful channel to check out on YouTube!):

After watching it, we had some really awesome discussions. I was excited by how many students had such a wide range of thoughts on how to tackle bullying in schools. They had suggestions for consequences, ways to catch it, ways to speak to students hurt by it, or students perpetrating it. I do think the solution lies in our children. As the adults, we try to intervene, and come up with a system to handle behaviors… but kids are living it. They see everything happen, often things that we miss, and they have such great ideas for adults to use.

I intend to continue surveying the classes for ideas, and then want to structure these ideas and see if we can formulate them into a new plan for how we address bullying. I’ll keep you all posted!

Have a good weekend!

Shameem Balakrishnan
School Counselor

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