Literacy Learning in the Level III Classroom

Our students have been hard at work learning literacy concepts.elizabeth

The younger students in our classroom spend lots of time learning to read. Federal laws mandate that students with disabilities have access to the general education curriculum and that students’ performance levels be assessed relative to high academic standards of achievement. Additionally, we would not be able to complete many core activities of daily living (shopping, money management, reading directions, accessing needed information on the internet) without a grasp of basic academics (reading, writing and math).


Each student has individualized literacy goals based on the Iowa Common Core Essential Elements. This week students have worked on basic phonics, high frequency words, and reading comprehension skills. We have done lots of learning with the help of songs, promethean board activities, and repeated reading practice. Students always look forward to our literacy worktime –   which, this week, included practicing writing our sight words in shaving cream. They have gained many literacy skills this year. When they are working, our students do not think about the fact that learning to read is a great life skill – but they seem to have learned that literature makes life lots of fun.

To learn more about our classroom, click here.

Caption: We learn phonics. Above is an unscripted video of our students surprising us by playing “school” during recess time.

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