Writing in Kindergarten


Kindergarten students are busy using what they have learned throughout the year with letters and sounds to do writing. At the beginning of the year we talked about the progression of writing – scribble writing, a string of letters, letters chunked together to represent words, and sentence writing. With lots of hard work, students are all writing a sentence or multiple sentences to tell a story!

 When writing, students focus on beginning each sentence with a capital letter, leaving a space between each word, and ending with a punctuation mark. They use their inventive spelling to write new words and are even working on adding details to their writing. Not only do students work to become authors with their writing, but illustrators as well. Many times, students will draw a picture to go with what they have written. It is amazing to see the growth kindergarten students have made in their writing! Please take some time to have your child write for you or share their school writing with you.


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