First Grade learns about Animal Teams

First Grade003 - Copy is always excited to see Mrs. Nicely, Henry County Naturalist cmarch 017-2ome to our classroom. Mrs. Nicely has done a variety of things in our classroom. Most recently she has taught us about animals. The students have learned how animals help each other. One animal team we learned about was the Ostrich and Zebra. Both First grade classes joined to work in groups to learn about how animal teams work together. Students were given sentences about their animal team and then proudly read their sentence to the entire class. For example, some of the sentences that we read were:

Zebras have good eyes to look for predators.

march 009-2

Zebras can’t smell very well.

Ostriches can’t see very well.

Ostriches have a great sense of smell.

Students always enjoy the literature that she reads before every lesson. First graders were especially excited when she brought in the falcon from Oakland Mills Nature Center. The students look forward to the field trip that we will be taking to Oakland Mills Nature Center at the end of the year.

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