An Update from the Counselor

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I am late on this post. Let me catch you up on things at Van Allen!

In guidance last week, Miss Stott finished visiting the classes she had not yet come to, and discussed the upcoming blood drive. Reminder: it is on Monday, April 27, 2015, from 3 to 6pm here at school! The students were very excited about submitting their colored pages and posters for the coloring and poster contests. Yesterday we completed the evaluation and selected our two winners!

From Mrs. Dotson’s 1st grade class, Olivia McCormick was our coloring contest winner! Here is her very beautiful and detailed work:


And from Miss Nudd’s 5th grade class, Katie Carlson Kimbrough was our poster contest winner! Her poster will be circulated throughout town to advertise for the blood drive:


Choosing our winners was difficult because we had so many amazing submissions. Please be sure to stop by school and check out the bulletin boards and our hallways — all submissions have been displayed!

For my guidance lessons the remainder of the week, in the younger grades, we discussed tattling vs. reporting, as well as the importance of being true to yourself. We completed this fun tattling worksheet:


We also watched a Sesame Street video to supplement our lesson:

In grades 3-5, we continued our discussion about cyberbullying, since this has been an issue we are still contending with. We watched a video showing the emotional impact of cyberbullying, and I also had the students fill out a bullying survey (anonymously) to get a sense of what they feel the issues are here at school. Both are included below:


Again, I would encourage all of you to speak to your children about the responsible usage of social media. Elementary age students are still developing an understanding of healthy social interaction, and social media can make that process more confusing than it already is. Even for adults, social media is a hotbed for bullying and mistreating one another. With supervision, we can keep our kids safe!

Have a great week!

Shameem Balakrishnan
School Counselor

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