What’s Happening at Van Allen

Dear Van Allen Community:

At this time of year, every week seems hectic, as the calendar winds down, and this week’s note will attempt to keep you abreast of about the latest events at Van Allen.

First of all, yesterday was our last late-start Monday, as the remaining Mondays in May, our day will start at the regular 8:15 time.

Yesterday, Van Allen hosted a blood drive, and the results were fantastic. I believe that over twenty -three pints of blood were donated, which exceeded our goal, and we also registered over thirty individuals willing to serve as bone marrow donors. A great day for our community!

Furthermore, last week, we distributed over forty trees as part of our Earth Day Celebration via the support from the Neighborhood Forest organization, and this organization has already contacted us for next year, as would like to continue this partnership for next year. Is it to early to start thinking about another location to add a tree to your personal forest?

IMG_0695We still have not received information about this year’s upcoming summer school, but we do know that planning is being done, so that the District will offer elementary aged students a summer learning experience.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the Mt. Pleasant Rotary for their support, as they funded the purchase of supplemental math resources for students. Their generous donation, over $2000, will help us provide additional support to students in mathematics.

Working in collaboration with the Middle School, Van Allen added soccer goals to our premises for students to enjoy during recess. The Middle School is offering an after-school soccer club for its students; our hope is adding Grade Five students this same wonderful opportunity next year.

Yes, it is true that Van Allen will serve as the home of four new preschool classes starting the fall of 2015. With this addition of pre-school to the Van Allen campus, many of our present classrooms will be located, as you will learn more about this change in the near future, as we transition to a more colorful school filled with many young faces.IMG_0698


Donald P. LeBlanc

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