An Eventful Week!

This week at Van Allen was exciting from start to finish!

On Monday we had our blood drive and bone marrow drive, and exceeded our goals in donations for both. Thanks to Miss Stott and Miss Short for their instrumental work in making this event a success! And thank you to everyone who joined us at Van Allen and donated.

The following message is from Miss Stott:

“I would like to say thank you to everyone who came and participated, whether you were a donor or a supporter, of Van Allen’s very first blood drive!!! It was a huge success! The blood drive beat it’s goal of 20 with 24 total donations, with over half being from first time donors! The bone marrow drive beat it’s goal of 20 with 35 people registering. You guys rock and we couldn’t have done it without you!!!”

Here are some pictures from the event!


This week in guidance, in grades 3-5, we watched a wonderful PSA made by Cartoon Network to talk about the impact of bullying on children. It featured President Obama, several celebrities, including tennis legend Serena Williams, and of course, real children around the country telling their stories. The video sparked some great discussion in the classes. I am including it below:

In grades JK-2, we watched a video on BrainPop, Jr., learned some important bullying-related vocabulary, and took two fun quizzes testing our knowledge of bullying and how we can stop it. BrainPop, Jr. is a wonderful website that covers a variety of topics important for young children, such as friendship, health, safety, and much more. I would encourage you to check it out!

To conclude the week, we had an all-school assembly in the gym on Friday afternoon where Mr. Cortes showcased his Tae Kwon Do students. Our very own Mrs. Hatfield was called to the stage as a volunteer and broke a board with a high-kick! She made me promise not to post her video, though 🙂

Here are some photos from the event:


We are finally in May, and the end of the school year is upon us! We are looking forward to a few more exciting weeks at Van Allen before the summer holidays.

I would like to remind everyone again that Monday, May 4 is NOT a late start. School will start at 8:15AM.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shameem Balakrishnan
School Counselor

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