Van Allen Paint Talk

Dear Van Allen Community:                                                         

 After three years with late-start Mondays, It did seem strange to start today at 8:15, and we will have this same opportunity for an 8:15 start for the next two weeks. And do mark in your calendar, as our last day of school, Wednesday May 20 with an 11:30 dismissal. Lunch will not be served onDSCF1874 the final day.

For Van Allen students in Jk to Grade 3, our summer reading project will involve creating reading boxes, which we will stuff an array of summer reading materials for each JK to Grade 3 student to fill their reading box to read and keep during the summer months. We are asking every Jk to Grade 3 student to bring in at least one shoebox, but if you have additional extra boxes, we would be gladly accepted more.

 In the next few days, you will receive an invitation, a volunteer request to help us create a colorful student-learning environment. We are searching for parental volunteers to help us paint as many classrooms as possible in the months of May-June. Last year, as one of our retiring teachers mentioned that in her many years as a Van Allen teacher, her classroom had never been painted. With the addition of four new pre-school classes to our building, with most of our classrooms being relocated, this is the perfect time to repaint our classrooms. If you were willing to paint one classroom, we would appreciate your assistance, and the first step is to return the volunteer form.DSCF1888

Have a great week,

Don LeBlanc

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