Winding Down the Year

Time has really flown by! It seems like just yesterday I was posting a countdown to Christmas Break, and now we’re already more than half way through May!

The last couple of weeks at Van Allen have been full of learning and so many fun activities to bring a positive end to our school year. There is definitely a spirit of excitement and high energy around the school!

In guidance, we have also wound down the year on a positive note. Over the past two weeks, our concluding activity has been one to foster a sense of high self-esteem and positivity in the students. We have talked about how over the past several months, our classrooms have become like our own little families, and how important it is to show love and respect to family.

For our last day of guidance in each class, everyone had a piece of paper with their name at the top. They were able to decorate it and make it their own. Afterwards, everyone (including the classroom teacher and myself) had to go around and write something positive on everyone else’s paper. I encouraged students to think of unique qualities about their peers, and specific kind things to say that really distinguished each person. The result was wonderful! Each student ended up with a paper covered in compliments about themselves, which I hope they will hold onto for a long time to come.

It has really been a great school year at Van Allen. Thank you for giving us the gift of your children!

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