Dear Van Allen Families:

For our second week of school, we have a short week, for Wednesday, students will be dismissed at 12:35 and school will restart on Tuesday September 8. As this is Old Thresher’s Week, we invited all students to dress in Old Thresher’s style to commentate this special event in our community.

And as the heat is with us for a few days, kindly consider dressing your child in cotton shirts and shorts. In the classrooms, though the halls may feel great, there is a high level of humidity and heat, and without good air circulation, the classrooms are very warm and uncomfortable, often warmer and more humid than the outdoors, especially in the afternoon. Cotton clothes are more comfortable for these days, so think cotton when preparing your child for school.

Morning breakfast is off to a wonderful start as we now have more those 230 students enjoying the quick morning food. Many people inquired, why are we offering students breakfast at school? And for me the answer is very simple, as many of our students leave home early, or are not hungry when waking up in the morning, morning breakfast offers these students the opportunity to enjoy breakfast in preparation for their day at school, but also, students who eat breakfast do better in school, My return question is, why would not we provide students a breakfast to start their school day with a small breakfast, as the price is right, as this offered to at no cost to all students, and it has been researched that eating breakfast helps children learn more effectively.

And when we return to school on Tuesday, September 8, the District ‘s preschool will be starting, and we kindly request your cooperation with the dismal and pick-up of your pre-school children. We have two locations for pick-up and drop off for our two groups of students.

  • Pre-school students will be picked-up and dropped off on Cherry Street, across the stress form Open Bible church.
  • Van Allen students will be dropped off and picked up on east Henry Street. We ask that parents do not drop off their preschool students on E. Henry.

Preschool and Van Allen’s arrival and departure routines are timed differently, and also utilize their separate exit and entry points. This process is set-up to ensure the safest possible entry and exit procedures for our students, so help us keep our students safe by following our beginning and end of day procedures.

A weekly letter has been sent home, and on this letter  is a Mt. Pleasant Library card application. If you would like to obtain a library card for your child, please fill this in, and return to school. Every Wednesday morning, the Mount Pleasant Children’s librarian, Brittany Nichols, visits the school with books, and students can sign-out books at this time to take home.

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