Roundin’ Up Good Readers

Roundin’ Up Good Readers

IMG_1033-3It’s been a great start to a our school year in Second Grade.  Each class is learning their new schedule and other routines new for second grade.  We even have a new location!  The “big” kid hallway!

In Second grade we want to continue stressing the  importance of reading at school and at home.  We are becoming good readers but we still have work to do with fluency, word study and comprehension.  Second grade is the year to get used to longer words, longer books and chapter books.  

Each month, in Second grade, we are going to have a different “theme” to promote reading.  For September, we are “Roundin’ Up Good Readers”.  We will have the children keep track of their books read at home and there will be a western celebration at the end of the month for any child that has met their goal.  We hope it will combine fun and learning, but also give each child a goal for each month and through it all make great readers for life!

 Mrs. Ingwersen

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