Notes from Music

The music classroom has been very busy! Junior Kindergarten is doing a very nice job of singing on their own as we are working on echo songs. They also have been able to explore several of the  blog pic #1 Sept 10 classroom instruments.

Kindergarteners are also singing echo songs. They are also learning about the differences between talking, whispering, shouting, and singing. The students are using their high voices and low voices.

First graders are singing call and response songs, using high and low voices as well as loud and soft voices. They are experiencing different music that is fast and slow. Please notice the picture where they are singing as well as demonstrating with their bodies a high voice.

Second graders are learning to read music off of a staff. They are learning about line notes, space notes, high notes and low notes. We are working on the difference between beat and rhythm.

Third graders have been studying form and are working on a cup passing game to show the different sections of the song. The students have been doing a nice job of this, as one part of the music is very difficult. The picture is of one of the classes practicing before we add the music.

Fourth graders have started out the year learning about the legend of John Henry and have song one of the many songs about John Henry. We will continue learning about Casey Jones, the Transcontinental Railroad, and many of the songs that are a part of the Railroad History.

Fifth Graders have started the year with a Native American Music Unit. They are listening to selections from various tribes throughout Northern America. Next week we will be adding instruments to Native American legends and creating sound stories.

Blog pic #2 Sept 10Chorus at Van Allen has also begun for the year. Our first rehearsal went very well!!! The members learned a lot of music in a short period of time. If your child is interested in joining, there is still time.

Thank you to the students for great start at Van Allen!

Mrs. Townsend

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