Counselor’s Corner

Teamwork is the focus of our first Guidance Class (Junior Kindergarten through 2nd Grade) as the classes will read and discuss the story; TEAMWORK Isn’t My Thing, and I Don’t Like to SHARE written by Julia Cook and illustrated by Kelsey De Weerd. The students will learn that the word, TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More and by working together we can learn and grow so much more.

photo-21Here are a couple of strategies or games to help build FAMILY TEAMWORK. Whether your youngsters are doing a group project or playing Hacky Sack, a team effort is needed. Everyone’s a winner with these games that will show them teamwork in action.

Lower the Yardstick. Together, hold a yardstick horizontally so that everyone has one finger underneath. Then lower the yardstick to the ground — but if anyone’s finger drops away, you have to start over. See how many tries it takes to get the yardstick to the floor.
Pass the ball. Sit in a circle with your feet out toward the center. Pass a ball around the circle — using only your feet. How many times can the ball go around before it drops on the ground?

Working together with one another is an important life skill that helps your child build success for the future. Strong people skills are important in helping children navigate life’s difficult times. Let’s all work together to create the best possible learning environment for our children.

Great Websites for Parents:, Sara Le Blanc, Elementary School Counselor.

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