Counselor’s Corner

This week the older students had Guidance Class, as we work towards creating a more supportive and warm climate here at school. Students learned about the process of being a Conflict Manager as well as the rules for disagreeing respectfully. The process for disagreeing with a fellow classmate is to listen respectfully with an open mind to the other person, and then focus on coming up with a solution to the problem. Students are taught to attack the problem, not the student. Each student who is in the disagreement needs to come up with one solution, then the group decides on the best solution for all concerned, followed with a back up plan. Interested students will complete an application to become a Conflict Manager after which they will submit them to the counselor. Interested students will then meet with the counselor once a month during lunch time for further training. Once the training is complete, students will be assigned a recess once or twice a week to help support students. Our goal this year is to create a climate where every student is respected, valued, and encouraged, as we work together to create a kind learning environment.

Please read the enclosed article by a Harvard Psychologist who shares 5 strategies for raising kind children. It is an interesting article, which encourages us to think a bit differently when parenting our children.

Sara Le Blanc, Elementary School Counselor

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