Mrs. Hatfield’s Grade II Class Field Trip

field trip 013Mrs. Hatfield’s second graders took a field trip last week to the Oakland Mills Nature Center. The weather was beautiful. The students explored the Nature Center and searched for insects within the habitats. They answered questions about insects and used nets to catch insects in the prairie grass.

The students also learned about the season of autumn and the changing of the seasons. They played a squfield trip 012irrel game and learned how squirrels collect food for the winter, while trying to avoid their predators.   The students also took a nature hike through the woods to observe the seasonal changes in the  forest.

One comment

  1. As a newly elected school board member, I want to thank you for sharing the activities of Van Allen Elementary. It is very helpful to know what is going on in our schools. I hope soon to come for a visit. One of my favorite learning sources in our area is the Oakland Mills Nature Center…..and I hope all of Mrs. Hatfield’s second graders… well all Mt. Pleasant Community School District’s students and their families take advantage of our Henry County Conservation sites, especially the Oakland Mills Nature Center to learn more about our native plants, insects, and animals. We are blessed to have a wonderful resource such as this available to the community of Henry County. Sincerely, Mrs. Joy Lynn Conwell


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