Creepy Crayfish

Third grade students have been learning all about Structures of Life through a grant funded program this fall. Each teacher on the third grade team has been using a brand new FOSS kit to teach about seeds, animals and the structures/functions of the life cycle. This opportunity allows students to explore many hands on investigations of growing seeds, hydroponics and raising live crayfish.Blog picture OCt. 13

The favorite activity was setting up the crayfish habitats and learning how to safely handle these creatures. This knowledge was used during the habitat study at Oakland Mills Nature Center where students were able to observe these characteristics in a real world setting.

We will continue our life structures learning when we explore the animal family of owls and dissect owl pellets to see what these creatures eat.

Mrs. Lottie Schnicker


    1. ames,

      I have never seen a student who did not want to dissect pellet. When we offered dissecting pal pellets, as an after school activity, at a different school, this was one of the most widely sought activities. Knowing Mrs Schnicker, she will address issues as they arise.


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