Something Lost, Something Found, and Something Shared!

DSCF2262This blog was prepared during our first week at school, but during the hectic days at the start of the year, I misplaced this article, and it was not posted. As I read  Mrs. Breazeale’s blog, , the blog reminded me,that though we are now streaming along with our daily school life, the comments are good points to review, as we do loose our focus as our reality becomes more routine,

Happy New Year!

School year, that is.

It’s the beginning of a new school year and everything is shiny and new. New paint, new room assignments, and new faces grace our halls.   We have been blessed with a first week unlike any I can remember. Five full days in a row and NO sweating! Let’s hope it continues…

                  On Friday, Van Allen reviewed the guidelines of the PRIDE rules in all of the areas of our school. 4B has been working these as well. In our classroom we are currently working on setting up our routines and expectations for both students and teacher. My students were given 6 prompts to complete as they wished. These were: What do I hope to learn this year? What can Mrs. Breazeale do to help me be successful? What do I have to do in order to be successful? School should always be_______. School is important because________. What should students in our classroom be doing to make our classroom run as smoothly as possible?

They wrote their responses on sticky notes and we posted these under each prompt. We are using these answers to make a “Community Reply” sheet from which we are creating our “4B Family Guidelines”. This will remind each one of us what we need to do to keep our room running smoothly. Every year I am amazed at the insight of nine and ten year- olds as they complete their responses and work together to generate expectations for the classroom.

                  So, here is to another wonderful year of working together, following PRIDE expectations, and having a fabulous time with our Van Allen family!

4B   Mrs. Breazeale

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