Pre-School Happenings:

This week in preschool, we have welcomed a student teacher from Iowa Wesleyan University.4 Asia Orton will be working in our classrooms until mid-December. We look forward to sharing our school days with her and to all of the neat experiences we will have together.
Speaking of neat experiences… Our preschoolers have been enjoying this
beautiful season of fall with a variety of fun learning opportunities. We have taken a3 walk in the neighborhood to collect some nature items, which we then used to create our own “leaf creations” after reading the book, LeaMan by Lois Ehlert.

This week, we are learning more about pumpkins! We have worked together in small groups to explore the outside of a pumpkin (and have even taken measurements of this fall fruit!) We are also beginning to learn about the life cycle of the pumpkin and some new vocabulary words to help us label the various parts of a pumpkin–stem, leaf, vine, shell, ribs, and blossom end. Next week, we will investigate what is on the inside of a pumpkin and take turns scooping some goop in order to transform our pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns just in time for Halloween!    1

Mrs. Robyn Willham

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