Van Allen News

Dear Van Allen Community:
Just a few reminders for the upcoming week, as we prepare for next week’s three-way conferences.

Next Thursday, November 5, student dismissal is at 12:30 in preparation for conferences, and there is no school on Friday, as teachers will be in conference.

During three-way conference week, our annual Scholastic Book Fair will be held, and we encourage parents to visit before or the conferences to look at the wonderful display of books. A special thank you to Mrs. Nau for her work in making this book fair a reality.

On Wednesday, November 18, Van Allen will be hosting a blood drive, as this our way of saying thank you to our community and supporting those in need. Please consider taking the time to donate. Often we neglect or forget the importance about this type of service, and it is only when we are in need, do we realize the value and importance of participating in a blood drive.

Some people may inquire why are we holding a blood drive at a school, and in my thinking, there’s no better place or time to share a message with elementary students about the value to help others by taking our time to offer our assistance. Even though we may not know which person will benefit, we know it will impact people’s lives. We ask all members of the Van Allen community to consider participating in the VA blood drive to send an example for us students for today, in hope that tomorrow that we have individuals willing to step forward.

SincerelyBlood Drive

Don LeBlanc

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

– Walt Disney

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