The Sounds of Kindergarten


Kindergarten students are actively participating in the Jolly Phonics Program which teaches 42 sounds! They learn a sound a day and are very close to having learned them all. Each sound has a story, song, and action to help students learn and remember the sound. After learning all 42 sounds, we will go through each one again using different, more challenging activities.   Our goal at the end of the program is for students to know all sounds as well as be able to use them in reading and writing.

To help reinforce these skills, our grade level MTSS time is focusing on letters and sounds. All kindergarten students are divided into 4 small groups and are doing activities at their level relating to sounds. Some groups are focusing on letters and the sounds they make while other groups may be working on beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Another group is even working on sounding out and writing words!   KG-A2

We enjoy working with students from both classrooms and appreciate the help our parents are giving their students at home! We are on our way to becoming great readers and writers!

Mrs. Carrie Arnold

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