Preschool In Action!

20151102220338_A8F31E1E3D4B0C6A818BC0D2A4EAF7218C3BCD5583E41BCA0BC7CE89F82A334F_465919679 It is hard to believe that we are finishing the first quarter of our school year together.  It is amazing to see how quickly our preschoolers have become a community of learners!  

In addition to our whole group instruction time each day, our preschoolers also have a free choice center time that is set up with a variety of interest areas (including: block play, dramatic play, science, sensory, art, writing, library, and fine motor manipulatives). What is photo-92wonderful during this time is that the students think they are just “playing”, where in reality, they are learning many valuable academic and social skills.  Not only are they learning early literacy, math, and science skills, they are also building friendships, learning to become more independent, working on sharing, and problem solving.  

We are looking forward to observing the continued progression of our preschool students in the months to come!           Sara Kremer


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