Second Grade Goes High Definition

HD Reading is a  NEW supplemental program to our existing reading instruction in Second Grade.  HD Word is a set of lessons that teach the foundational skills of reading with strong decoding and fluency.  It provides additional instruction, that most students need, and only requires 20 or so minutes a day.  The HD reading program consists of 33 units with 5 lessons for each unit.  The units also provide challenge material for those that are suited for it.                                    Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.06.24 PM

      For lessons 1-4, of each unit,  students use manipulatives consisting of color tiles, letter tiles and SyllaBoards.  They use these manipulatives to build words and develop the knowledge needed to understand how sounds represent letters.  The teacher also uses an online HD component to help demonstrate, prior to practice for the students.  

     In the final lesson of each unit, lesson 5, the students practice in their HD workbook.  The practice activities focus on the phonics concepts taught in lesson 1-4.  The practice is cumulative and controlled, meaning only those concepts taught that week along with words from the Dolch sight word list are included in the practice.  Activities used in this lesson include Detective Work, Word Sorts, and Phrase and Sentence Reading.  Each student has the chance to read and will receive immediate, positive feedback, while the other students follow along as checkers.  

     Second grade students and teacher alike, feel very fortunate to have this new program and look forward to the new challenge it brings to our classroom each day.

Mrs. Molly Ingwersen


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