What We Are Thankful For At Van Allen

T: For all the phrases starting with T that we are thankful l for including …

The technology experiences we offer students

The morning breakfast for all students

The successful blood drive    DSCF2224

The morning assemblies

The great teams in place including the custodian and food team

H: The help that we received from our PTA, our Iowa Wesleyan college volunteers, and our REVP volunteers, all who enhance the quality of our school, Van Allen.

A: For the Arts, but also for Music and PE programs, as we have three wonderfully dedicated specialist teachers whose work significantly impacts Van Allen

N: Is for Nau, Chris for all of her efforts in developing a vibrant library for DSCF2295our community. Going to the library has never been easier, which is very easy, as Mrs. Nau opens the library for students to use before school, at recess. So students can always check out a book.

K: for Kid’s Christmas, a wonderful opportunity offered by our PTA so students can complete their Christmas shopping in one location with very reasonably priced gifts, which are then gift wrapped. Kid’s Christmas is scheduled for the morning of Saturday, December 6th at Van Allen.

S: For the new pre-school students, as these students are now part of our school fabric as it’s always wonderful add new programs and students to Van Allen

G: is for the Grant, which Rotary provided which, allowed us to purchaseDSCF2433 mathematical material for tor KG to Grade 3 teachers,

I: Instructional Coaches as we have thee coaches to work with our teachers and students, Mrs. Thornburg in literacy, Mrs. Syfert in math, and Mr. Striegel in technology

 V: For the vegetables and fruit we received daily, as Van Allen is part of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program, so our students are offered the opportunity to snack daily on healthy treats.

I: Ipads, as this year, our Grade 5 program will receive a class set of Ipads.

N: For our newly painted classrooms and halls, which has created a warm and inviting atmosphere for our all.

G: For all the great work that our students, teachers, staff, office team and parents have undertake, which allows us to rest and enjoy the well-earned holiday. We are at a good place today, because many individuals have been diligent in their efforts, so Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!




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