Social Studies in Grade 5

Miss Nudd here to share some Social Studies news. I teach the fifth grade Social Studies classes. We have wrapped up our unit on Natives of North America. The following pictures are of the students working on the posters.

Students were to find out facts on the following: region they lived in, resources in the area, clothing, climate, food sources, weapons, and much more. After plenty of book and internet research, students found pictures to go along their tribe, and then they were ready to create their poster. Each student in the group was responsible for different parts and had to label their section. When the poster was complete they collaborated to come up with two questions for their classmates to answer during the presentation.

It was exciting to see the final projects. Students went from poster to poster reading the information and answering the questions. After the presentation day students then participated in a peer and self-evaluation process. Having the students critique each other and themselves, I believe is a great learning opportunity.

All in all, this was a wonderful project and they are looking forward to their next research project on Explorers of North America.

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