Back to School 2016


Dear Van Allen Parents and Guardians:

Welcome back to Van Allen, as we open our doors to re- start the 2016 segment of our school year. The holiday vacation allowed us the opportunity to reenergize, rest, and re-asses what we need to accomplish for the second part of the year.   DSCF2548

As we return to normalcy this week, we need your help, so students return their vacation reading bags, as we hope these books and your child became great friends during the break.

Though we opened our school doors today, several of our teachers attended a conference in Quincy Il, and we will second team on Tuesday to participate in the Leader in Me conference. The Leader in Me is a school process, developed by Stephen Covey and his work the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, which he “resized for an younger audience, which teachers how to empower students to develop leadership skills, accept personal responsibility, develop problem-solving, skills, learn to effectively communicate as well learn how to better work with others.

We will not be unfurling a banner outside nor inside the school stating that we are a “Leader in Me” school, but our intent is to examine Leader in Me practices and ideas, so that we consider ways to improve our learning environment by gleaning ideas from the Leader in Me readings, visiting schools who are using the Leader in Me process, as well as by attending conferences, which some of our teachers are doing today.

Our hope and dream is to keep challenging our Van Allen students to develop skills and attitudes, to achieve success at school, and also achieve success in their latter years, and we believe the Leader in Me will offers new ideas to consider.

Welcome back!!!

Don LeBlanc


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