The New Language

I recently attended a workshop on teaching computer science skills, specifically computer coding, to elementary students. It is predicted that we will need many more computer programmers in the near future. In fact it is very possible that the number of jobs available for this line of work will be much higher than the number of college students graduating with coding degrees. In other words, we need more of our current students to be thinking about the possibility of pursuing computer science and coding as a career in order to fill those needed positions. How exciting to know that there will potentially be a very secure job market in that fun, exciting, and fast-paced area of work!20151105_095528

Computer coding can be easily taught even with elementary students such that they can understand many of the complex ideas on a fairly simple level. Coding is not just for TAG students, either. All students should have the chance to be exposed to the idea of computer science as it is and will continue to be such a huge part of our world.

I am hoping to be able to offer students in the district the chance to learn about computer coding during the second semester of this year. The curriculum that I have also allows the students to then continue learning about the topic and practicing some of the skills used in coding on their own- even at home. This is one way that “screen time” can be beneficial and possibly even spark an interest for a future career choice!

From Karen Kauffman

Elementary Gifted and Talented Instructor

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