Counselor’s Corner

“Enjoy your weekend, but more importantly enjoy your children.”

Student Council Elections were held this week.  All four elementary buildings now have a full fledged student government in which students can collaborate and share ideas and make proactive changes to improve their schools.  Some projects the Student Council are already involved with are the Pop Tab Ring Project in which each building collects pop tab rings which will be brought to the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City.  They then turn the rings in for cash and use it to run their facility.  Several of our families have had the opportunity to benefit from this wonderful facility.  The Ronald McDonald House offers free lodging to families who has a family member undergoing medical treatment in Iowa City. Please feel free to learn more about the Ronald McDonald House at:

The second project is the Shoeman/Water Project in which slightly used shoes are donated to your child’s elementary school.  The shoes are then sold to individuals in Haiti, Kenya, and South America where shoes are needed and the funds from those sales go directly for drills, water purification systems, and water filters.  This is an excellent way to help keep shoes out of landfills and provide water for individuals in remote villages.  Please feel free to learn more about the Shoeman/Water Project at   Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 7.21.42 AM

This spring each elementary building will have their own week long fundraiser.  The Student Council will select a week where each child can donate a dollar to dress a certain way on particular day.  For example, Monday might be a hat day, Tuesday dress as your hero, Wednesday bad hair day.  Funds raised from this week long activity will be used for new sporting equipment for recess as well as new books for the library.  This is a fun way to help provide a little extra for the students.

Sara Le Blanc

Elementary School Counselor


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