Monday Late Start

Dear Van Allen Parents and Guardians:

A quick note to inform you that Monday, January 18 will be a late start as a first school bell to start he day will ring at 10 AM.

With the late start, breakfast will not be offered in the classrooms like a regular school day, but students will have the option to eat breakfast in the gym from 9:45 to  10:00  AM, and we will keep an eye on this late arriving buses to ensure all hungry children  may grab something to eat.

Buses will run two hours later than regularly scheduled day. So if your child’s bus arrives at 7 AM on a regular school day, Monday’s bus will arrive at 9 AM.

If we have a late start on Friday, Friday’s dismissal  will be at 3:24 PM with no early dismissal for students on this day.

If you would like to be alerted by text message when there is changes in  school hours, kindly visit the district webpage ( where  you can sign Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 9.23.47 PMup for Weather Alerts which will communicate to you when there’s a change in the schedule via text message.

Stay warm and safe,

Don LeBlanc

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